DerMags: Intensive Brightening Serum ( 30 mL )
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Brand DerMags Skincare
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  1. Wash your face thoroughly with intensive brightening cleanser first.
  2. Apply a warm moist towel to your face to gently open pores and leave skin slightly moist.
  3. Apply tiny dots of serum all over your face and then blend lightly and quickly all over. Do not stretch, pull or rub the skin.
  4. Whilst the serum is still wet after applying gently tap the surface of your face with your fingers for half a minute.
  5. Let your serum is fully dry (this should take around 3 minutes) before you apply your foundation and normal makeup.
  6. Recommended twice daily for faster result (morning and night).


Serums are highly concentrated and active; this means that they need to be applied first on the clean skin. This way all the active ingredients can penetrate your skin. These active ingredients are reason why serums are more expensive than regular moisturisers.

Dermags intensive brightening serum utilise the most pure, most potent and high quality ingredients especially alpha-mangostin. Perfect combination of nature’s most researched and potent ingredients for skin whitening, anti-aging, reduce wrinkles and moisturisation.

Plumps the skin and lends it radiance and smoothness. Leaves your skin radiant and more youthful looking by neutralizing free radicals plus helps brighten skin by suppressing melanin synthesis.



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